Earth, Parents & Children


“My mother groaned, my father wept,

into the dangerous world I leapt.”

― William Blake

The ability of giving birth to a child is one of the world’s greatest wonders. It is a biological phenomenon which makes one of the love affections, but not necessarily since there are always exceptions. Also, it is not necessarily especially in these days. Nowadays, humans are destroying their planet by their own hands. It is obvious from now that there will not be compromises and good promises for future generations. Things have changed to the worst. The following scheme will explain what I am talking about: Globalization, industrial revolution, capitalism, the tragedy of the commons, and climate change.

Population growth and economic growth triggered by capitalism are the root causes of our world’s environmental problems. Instead of solving the root causes, the symptoms are treated. This is mainly because there is too much money to be made from working on the symptoms rather than the root causes. Plus, it is because of some people who still aren’t aware of this mainly due to authoritarianism. Most people are running behind money. Morals are gone when people give a huge attention to money. As a result, greed is established. And I don’t think that humans lack morals since human morality is unthinkable without empathy. Asked if wide public acceptance of empathy as natural would change the intense competition on which capitalist economic and political systems are based. According to a recent study published in on the social and behavioral science of humans, “morality is developed in humans in small communities. It is a challenge … it is experimental for the human species to apply a system intended for (in-groups) to the whole world.” The notion of globalization, its disadvantages in particular, comes to my mind after reading this. I don’t believe in evolution anymore than I believe in gravity.

When I was 12 years old, I said to my friend of mine from school days that I don’t want to marry because simply I don’t want to have children. She replied:” I am certain that you will change your mind in the future.” I am now witnessing PCOS-polycystic ovarian syndrome. The syndrome was diagnosed when I was at the age 15-16. At some point, I used to believe that this is genetic since my mom used to have it. It turned out that I am witnessing a harder condition than my mom. I am handling the syndrome very well and don’t have diabetes thus far. I think that most probably that the syndrome I am witnessing is directly related to the statement I made when I was 12 years old.

Trust me my friends. The human brain is astonishing, and that’s what differentiates humans from animals. It all related to your mind my human friend. You are going to be sick if you believe so. This is true as much as it is ironic. It is like a placebo.

Let’s take Montreal as an example of what is happening in these days. In Montreal, I see parents feeding their children McDonalds especially on breakfast time! Once, I was taking the bus to go to my cousin’s house. In the bus, a woman sat in front of me with her little child. She was feeding him McDo. Then, after the child finished eating the hamburger, he said to his mom:” It really tastes good!”. Talking to myself, I said:” Seriously!”. Then, the mother started to eat her hamburger. The child is very thin, but his mom isn’t. Talking to myself ofcourse, I said:” What a century we are in? Parents literally feeding their children toxins. And yes, you are what you eat. However, ‘what you eat’ doesn’t necessary represent the weight of a certain person. Bearing children is a huge responsibility. Ofcourse parents are going to feed their children what they are going to eat, and they will continue to feed their children as long as they don’t notice the impacts of bad food on their health first.” This is really DISGUSTING!

Another example will be the massacre attack in Syria. Last time, I turned on the TV, I got to see a mother crying because of her  one and half month old baby that died in one of the ongoing 17 days of continuous attacks in the city of Homs in Syria – another mother carries her baby that is crying, the expression in the child’s eyes was that of fear and obvious discomfort –  the fact that basic requirements are running out such as water and medicines for such cases is indeed alarming, and there is no sign of this coming to and end. “What is everyone waiting in the world? she sobs  ‘Waiting for all of us to die?’ – and through watching this I can only breathe realizing that I am a spectator of such suffering in front of a screen wondering ‘how could I not react to this?’ – however, this is our reality and manifestation and we can only get to face it by daring to just place ourselves for a moment in such shoes – would we still ‘not care’?

Bearing a child is a huge responsibility. You can’t give birth to a child if you are especially not aware of what is happening around you. It is like a cycle of birth a premature death. And yes, parents can be seen as greedy if they do so. In addition, you can’t bear a child if you are aware of what is happening around you but not able to control it.

What’s happening is insane. Children are not to pay other’s and their parents’ faults.

I know that decreasing the number of population is good for the sake of the environment. Also, I am not totally opposing to the idea of giving birth to a child. However, I am not convinced with the idea in nowadays. We are talking here about intergenerational equity that definitely leads to intergenerational equity.

Breaking through the past by taking a more ‘open minded’ stance in societies where money dictates the trends of the world, has become humanity’s drive to ‘get rid of the past’ through consuming, transcending ‘morals’  and what is usually considered as ‘politically incorrect,’ which has become the usual way of human beings to shout out to the world: we’re not alright, yet we can ‘handle’ the truth and numb our reactions to acknowledge what is actually going on in this world through neglecting anything that goes on here and see it just as another picture shown on TV, newspapers or magazines.

Desensitizing is then from the perspective of losing all common sense as the sensual-physical reality that is here – this is done through building a nice niche for ourselves through spirituality/ god, entertainment, jobs, sports,  virtually anything and all that can allow us to escape from our reality. It seems that it doesn’t really matter what images we get to see in the media, we will simply continue digesting them like any other piece of cake, losing all sense of realizing that such war images, poverty, abuse and chaos on the streets of some other place is still part of the same Earth that we all live in = it is ourselves in fact.

For that, we already have a place to educate yourself, we’re already walking the process of stepping out of this general sedated and jaded state of mind and have begun opening our eyes to what is really going on, which is certainly not glamorous, not pretty, not nice – yet that is exactly what we have to acknowledge as ourselves, as the points that are HERE behind the bright lights and fuzzy loving-feelings awaiting for something marvelous to just ‘change the world’ – Nothing will come and save us, nothing will change the world and we can only turn a blind eye as long as we are apparently ‘not affected.’

Let this not be a ‘it’s too late’ excuse for you to stand up and will yourself to see reality and walk the necessary process to educate yourself, to see what you are currently existing as and make a decision to Live, to consider what living in Equality can be like if we all place ourselves to establish this principle as a living reality on Earth.

This won’t be easy – we have an entire past chain of ‘original sins’ to stop – each one of us has to do this – and the more we wait, the longer it will take to wake each other up to see what is it that we are in fact doing to ourselves while only living as disposable motion pictures seeking for a purpose in life.

It is time to live, I once felt lost and blind – yet I dared to open up my eyes to see that I have always been here, as myself, just immersed in a built up mind reality that was too comfortable to leave behind  – yet I realized I could not hide any longer – this is it.

Even if you think I am wrong or controversial or whatever, but what I wrote comes from my soul.

If you say:” having children in its purest and honest sense is our way to preserve ourselves. The rest will be taken care by nature, the environment and our gene’s ability to adapt. It is good to think hard and long when having children, but we can control only so much, the rest should be accepted as natural selection.. In fact, the counter argument is that having more children will increase the rate of survival and adaptation of one’s genes. At the end, having children are the most amazing experience in one’s life. If you did not experience it, you cannot talk about it.”, I will say to you that I don’t need to justify why I don’t want to bring a child into the world. All who do want to get pregnant – they are the ones who should justify it.”


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  1. Thanks for writing about this very sensitive subject – in a very sensitive, but candid way.

    Dave Gardner
    Director of the documentary
    GrowthBusters: Hooked on Growth

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