Some Say


Some say “Why try, you won’t change a thing”,

yet they don’t understand trying is the only way to change anything.

Some say “If you don’t like the way it is then leave”,

patriotism and nationalism are synonymous it seems, how naïve.

Some say “They have all the money and all the power”,

but is that a rationale justification to give up and cower?

The ominous nature of the problems with their complexity,

is never a reason to deny hope in the midst of depravity

Some say “those who are poor deserve their poverty”,

somehow they’re blind to see by their greed and apathy.

Some say “You can’t support the troops if you don’t support the war”, I guess TO  

THEM soldiers don’t follow orders anymore?

If you protest the war and you advocate for peace,

that is not an attack on servicemen and women nor

disrespecting the deceased.

Some say “obey the law, comply when told what to do”,

what if those commands are unconstitutional or unjust to you?

Some say a lot of things that they think are true,

Never forget you have the choice to either let things be,

or speak out, speak up, speak against oppression and misery,

Solidarity……it’s not a catch phrase,

it’s a way of life….empathy of strife.


About Cherine Akkari

Professional volleyball player, Environmental Sciences graduate student (BSc Environmental Sciences, MSc Environmental Geography). I am often lost and found in Lebanon. Currently in Montreal. Also, you can visit me on

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