Three Things that make Animals more Interesting than us- Humans


We became alone along animals- afraid of death.

Evolution has always sparked my mind. I always wonder who are we as ‘Homo Sapiens’. We, humans, have become so impressed by ourselves to an extent at which we are not capable of controlling our own actions.

Humans are social animals. So what certainly differentiates us from animals? Certainly, the human mind and its potential abilities. However, from my experience, I always see that animals are more interesting than humans as species. This is due to noticing three factors, which are: the huge gap between poor and rich (or capitalism); sexuality and borders.

First, capitalism or the big gap between poor and rich can’t stop getting my attention. It reminds me of the predator prey relationships. Talking about humans, we only see one type of predator prey relationships, which is ‘rich preying on the poor’. Talking about animals, all types of predator prey relationships are present. This is a difference that makes us, humans, realize that animals are more interesting than us.

Second, sexuality is a controversial topic among humans. However, it is a natural thing among animals.Honestly, I don’t care if something is unnatural. Babies incubators aren’t natural. Dialysis machines aren’t natural. I will tell you what ‘natural’ is. ‘Natural’ is earthquakes, stinging nettles, wasps, shit, pain and death.

Third, talking about borders, we know that our world is shaped by laws of physics (i.e: speed of light, gravity, entropy, etc…); chemistry (i.e: chemical reactions, molecules properties, etc…) and biology (i.e: carrying capacity, etc…). And despite what we know and unlike animals, we- humans- take the concept of borders among us so seriously. We, humans, draw lines around our property, around our being, around our country, and thus, to our thinking. We go to war and die. You know what? Nature couldn’t give a shit about humans boundaries. Take for example a spawning salmon. Can you imagine a spawning salmon coming from Alaska and saying:” Oh shit! I can’t spawn here?!”. An example on this in which humor is used here as a positive tool is:” For sale: (used) farm 10452 km2. Sea view. Lots of animals (copied, w modification)”. Explaining this example would be:”  We can work towards liberating our land from its owners and liberating our minds from foolishness and division. We have a few good leaders and more good people so all is not lost. Plus, we have a sea view- a view based on the absence of borders.”

We have come to a century in which day in and day out the inhabitants of lonely planet earth kill, maim, conspire, steal, abuse, violate, destroy, poison, fight and, well, hurt each other’s feelings. It is a wonder that we – a socially constrained pack of wild animals – survive. We may not survive in the long run. Some cold-minded scientists suggest the earth’s population will be extinct in 1000 years and claim to have evidence to support it. All this is due to what is called the “cycle of stupid”. The cycle of stupid is the most vicious of all cycles. This cycle has deep philosophical and causes most of the angst on the earth today. It happens when intelligent, sentient beings (people) act like they couldn’t be denser if someone hit them over the head with a stupid stick. It seems that our actions aren’t humane. As a result, I can’t be that proud of evolution.

To end, “When asked, as frequently am, why I should concern myself so deeply with the conservation of animal life, I reply that I have been very lucky and that throughout my life the world has given me the most enormous pleasure. But the world is as delicate and as complicated as a spider’s web. If you touch one thread, you send shudders running down all the other threads. We are not just touching the web, we are tearing great holes in it” ~Gerald Durell


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