Talking About an Influential Person: “She, Dissolved in me”


She was dressing black at the first time I saw her

She entered the class with a bold posture

To me, she was an anonymous

Introducing herself, she seemed like a fusion of multi-knowledge

Full of energy, she was the shiny star in every course she taught

With time, I began to develop a tangible attachment to her

Her eyes left a trace in the deepest place in my memory

Somehow, somewhere, her name stowed in the pleated neurons of my brain, echoing up one dendrite in a billion

Her words danced inside my mind’s breeze as she spoke volumes of several details, carrying me anywhere across lands and sees

With passing time, I realized that no border line to keep her within inside

We both traveled through the contents of her mine

To me, she was not an anonymous anymore

She was someone close

She was someone that no words could define that relationship

She was that someone who could make me think about in a barren land

She was that someone who could make me laugh and cry at the same time, like a storm in the wild

To me, not anymore she was

She is and will still be that unique and lovely she

She loves trees

She loves reading books

She prefers the word “she”

She is a believer in the possibility of positive change

She used to witness strong headaches and I don’t know if she is still now. However, I am certain of one thing: She is a beautiful headache to me

Yes, she is short and small in size

With smile, she calls herself an ecologically-efficient person

To me, she is an organic pattern of nodular energy composed of a collection of infinitesimal points oscillating on the multi-dimensional coordinates of the space-time continuum

I will never forget the moment when I hug her emotionally and physically

She is amazing. Simply, amazing

Yes, she was and she will still be that she

A she who will always live the moment

A she who will always be dissolved in me


About Cherine Akkari

Professional volleyball player, Environmental Sciences graduate student (BSc Environmental Sciences, MSc Environmental Geography). I am often lost and found in Lebanon. Currently in Montreal. Also, you can visit me on

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