Frozen Land has Warmest Roots


I was watching her

She was sitting in a frozen place for several hours

Sitting on the rooftop of that frozen place…

unique and surrounded by things

different things

kinds at the same level in and below,

not looking

I don’t think that she was able to look at her surrounding.

So I sat down to watch her in deep silence.

Hours and hours have passed and I was hypnotized.

Sudden lightening hit the dendrites of my body’s neurons.

My mind was the part who felt the big effect.

I walked to her ….. I touched her, decided to put my mouth on her to taste that mystery, and I did. My senses began to organize rational thoughts about her.

I tasted a million taste

her suffering, her frozen wounds and

I decided to pull her out from that frozen place.

As I wanted her to belong to me

I realized that the place she was in was not frozen to her, but only to myself

It was her environment.. her way of adopting to the frozen land

and I kept watching her and became attached to her .. to love her more While sitting and realized that to love her, I must keep her in where she is.. in the frozen land she is rooted in.


About Cherine Akkari

Professional volleyball player, Environmental Sciences graduate student (BSc Environmental Sciences, MSc Environmental Geography). I am often lost and found in Lebanon. Currently in Montreal. Also, you can visit me on

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