The Path of her Perfume


I know her. I know her name. I know what she looks like.

Despite that, her perfume was an AW to me.

Didn’t have to see her anymore. Just from the path of her perfume, I was able to recognize her.

Her perfume was unique with a fragrance that smells like jasmine.

A fragrance that was powerful, leading nature to come closer to our noses.

A fragrance that can delude a person.

A fragrance that everything she touches, becomes a memory to the other person.

A fragrance that embraces her realm with untouchable footprints.

Untouchable footprints that made me say:” May her trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing and unique fragrance. May her beauty rise into and above one’s imagination, leading to the unforgettable memories.”


About Cherine Akkari

Professional volleyball player, Environmental Sciences graduate student (BSc Environmental Sciences, MSc Environmental Geography). I am often lost and found in Lebanon. Currently in Montreal. Also, you can visit me on

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